UTILEV forklifts Trucks Prove their Capability across a Wide Range of Industries and Applications

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With hundreds of UTILEV forklift trucks now in operation across Europe, Middle East and Africa, customers from a vast range of locations and applications are expressing their satisfaction with both the capability and reliability of these trucks.

Designed for use in applications, where the trucks are used for lighter duty operations, intermittently during the shift, UTILEV trucks are being used to support the handling requirements of businesses in a range of different industries, including: Agriculture, Storage & Distribution, Wholesale & Trading, Automotive, Building & Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing, Food & Beverage and Forest Products, representing the “backbone” of many countries’ economies.

The UTILEV product range consists of IC-powered and Electric forklift trucks, designed to be easy to operate and maintain - The ergonomically designed operator compartment features a familiar automotive layout, which means that drivers will be able to work comfortably during handling operations. Servicing can be carried out quickly and easily and the use of proven, high quality, robust components results in reliable operation and reduces maintenance requirements and costs.

With users located across Southern Africa, Russia, the Middle East as well as the European Union, UTILEV trucks are proving to company managers and owners that they can keep handling operations on track and on budget, helping to develop the profitability and success of the business.

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