Allem Brothers (Pty) Ltd

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Company NameAllem Brothers (Pty) Ltd
LocationViljoenskroon, Free State, South Africa
Lift Truck ModelUT25P 2.5t LPG & Diesel

UTILEV Trucks Keep the Mill Turning

Allem Brothers is a family owned business that was established in 1921. The company farms maize and Bonsmara cattle, trades in maize, grain sorghum and sunflower and manufactures maize meal and animal feed, distributed in South Africa under the “Mealie King” brand.

The Customer

Maize meal constitutes a staple food for many families across the country, and can be made into a thick porridge or “mealie pap”. Maize meal is also used as a replacement for wheat flour, to make baked products.

When the maize is harvested, it is cleaned and then the unprocessed maize is stored in a silo complex, which has a capacity of 160,000t.

The next stage is milling, where the maize is processed into 6 different grades, ranging from “super” (the most expensive) down to animal feed. The 3 mills have a combined capacity to process between 27 and 30 tonnes of maize per hour (maximum 10t each).

CS_Allem-Brothers_Quote.jpgPrior to packing, the different grades of meal are stored in bins. As required, the final product is sent to the packing hall, where it is packed by a range of electronically controlled machines, according to the grade and the size (weight) of the final saleable product.

The Trucks

Allem Brothers uses a fleet of forklift trucks, including 5 LPG-powered UT25P 2.5t UTILEV trucks, to transport the final packaged product to the warehouse and to load it onto trucks for shipment to a network of wholesalers. A further Diesel powered UT25P is used in the feed mill.

The UTILEV trucks have been onsite and in operation for about 2 months, and are currently operating for 200 hours a month over 2-shifts. The trucks are not in constant use during the operation, but during periods of high demand, they are required to respond quickly to both the needs of the packing hall – to move packaged maize into the warehouse – and to the needs of the shipping hall, as road trailers arrive frequently to take the goods away for sale.

CS_Allem-Brothers_1.jpgFlip van der Westhuizen, the Mill Manager, stated that the drivers are really happy with the trucks – they are really responsive and easy to operate and from his perspective, they have helped to increase the efficiency of the operation.

The trucks were purchased from Barloworld Handling, and Barloworld are carrying out the regular maintenance on the trucks – at present, there is no service contract in place, but this is being discussed with the dealer, as this will help Allem Brothers to keep on top of the running costs of the trucks. To date, they are extremely satisfied with the service support and response provided by Barloworld.

The company made the decision to purchase the UTILEV trucks based on three main reasons – 1) because the company had an existing working relationship with Barloworld Handling, 2) because the trucks are simple to use and maintain, and 3) because the trucks represented good value for money.

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